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Spring Series 2024

Welcome to Age Brilliantly Academy, our exclusive learning platform.
Join industry experts as they share invaluable experiences, insights, and wisdom from their careers & lives.
Engage in our open Q&A workshops and learn the tools needed to lead a fulfilling 100-year life!
Our Spring 2024 programs take place on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm ET, from May 7 - June 25.

Summer Series 2024

Our Summer Series of workshops is also open for registration!
We have returning speakers on topics such as mindset mastery & financial planning as well as new topics curated by the community.
Our Summer 2024 programs take place on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm ET, from July 9 - August 27.

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Discover the Life Essentials Framework: Your Guide To A Fulfilling 100-Year Life

Here at Age Brilliantly Academy, we champion a holistic approach to lifelong learning and fulfillment through our core framework: the 8 Life Essentials. This holistic model is crafted to help you forge a path toward a fulfilling 100-year life. Our workshops, led by seasoned experts, offer practical tools and insights, empowering you to integrate these principles throughout your life's journey.

Member Reviews

"At 28, diving into the entrepreneurial world seemed daunting. But Age Brilliantly Academy's sessions on business and mentorship gave me the confidence and insights I needed. I was equally captivated by the forum discussions on how to craft a lasting legacy."
Lucas M, 28
"As I look to retire soon, I'm now seeking ways to give back and leave a mark. Age Brilliantly's range of topics surprised me. Not only did I find strategies for mentoring the younger generation in my field, but I also found inspiration on personal endeavors and delivering a legacy before I die."
John K, 70
"The Academy's talk on 'Business Exiting Without Regrets' was really powerful. After many years of working to build my company, I want to get the maximum ROI. And I want to invest myself in helping other people start their businesses."
Maya R, 47

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