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Our Fall 2023 programs take place on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm ET, from Oct 3 - Dec 19.

Your Extraordinary Why

November 21: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Brett Pyle, President & CSO – Global Executive Group

Discover your life's purpose with Brett as he unveils insights from thousands of conversations on achieving 'Absolute Clarity of Purpose'. Dive deep into Mark Twain's belief about the two most significant days in your life.

Estate and Tax Planning

November 28: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Rosanna Roizin, Partner, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

Rosanna Roizin Esq. highlights essential legal documents for adults, covering estate planning, tax law shifts, and critical advance directives. Be informed and safeguard your wishes in significant medical or care situations.

Financial Literacy: The Pitfalls

December 5: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Amy Salo, CFP ® , CAP ® , CExP ™

Amy Salo offers insights on enhancing your financial plan based on years of experience. Learn from impactful wins and missteps to progress towards a secure financial future.

Exit Your Business with No Regrets

December 12: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Laurie Barkman, M&A Advisor

Selling a business is not just a financial decision; it's a personal journey. Being prepared, both emotionally and practically, is the key to transitioning without regrets.

Past Workshops

Lead a (More) Fulfilling 100-Year Life

October 3: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD

In our extended lifespans, how do we ensure fulfillment? Dive into updating mindsets, intentional living around core values, and strategic life-goal planning to harness the potential of a 100-year life.

The Health & Vitality Blueprint

October 10: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Megan Wollerton, Owner, Life Force Wellness

Join our workshop to master living vibrantly up to 100 and beyond. Uncover strategies for health, manage disease threats, and add life to your years. Together, let's transform longevity into a daily celebration of vitality. Live not just longer, but fuller!

Nine Steps to an Unlimited Life

October 17: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: John Asher, CEO, Asher Longevity Institute

John Asher offers a guide to longevity and health. Understand cellular aging, embrace protocols for sleep, diet, and exercise, and discover FDA-approved drugs for extended vitality. Gain a blueprint for a healthier, extended life.

Caregiving for Your Loved Ones

October 24: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: SJ Khalsa, Estate Planning & Tax Attorney

Caring for an aging or ill loved one is complex and often unplanned. SJ Khalsa emphasizes the importance of preparation over reaction. In this session, gain insights on anticipating and addressing care needs, ensuring informed decisions that align with your loved one's wishes.

SoloAgers: Creating Your Lifetime Plan

October 31: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Ivy H Menchel, CFP®, CBEC®, CDFA®

Millions of adults age alone, facing risks like isolation and financial exploitation due to lack of familial support. Yet, with proper planning, they can lead fulfilling lives with confidence and security.

Financial Literacy: The Pitfalls

November 7: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Vidal Peoples, RICP® of Strategies for Wealth

Imagine your financial life as a messy junk drawer in your kitchen, with competing priorities and no organization. This chaos leads to stress and poor financial decisions. The problem? The industry hasn't helped us organize.

Core Values - Aligning The Family

November 14: 1pm - 2pm
Speaker: Nick Peck

Explore the role of core values in shaping family dynamics, beliefs, and relationships. This presentation emphasizes the importance of recognizing and integrating these guiding principles within families.

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Member Reviews

"At 28, diving into the entrepreneurial world seemed daunting. But Age Brilliantly Academy's sessions on business and mentorship gave me the confidence and insights I needed. I was equally captivated by the forum discussions on how to craft a lasting legacy."
Lucas M, 28
"As I look to retire soon, I'm now seeking ways to give back and leave a mark. Age Brilliantly's range of topics surprised me. Not only did I find strategies for mentoring the younger generation in my field, but I also found inspiration on personal endeavors and delivering a legacy before I die."
John K, 70
"The Academy's talk on 'Business Exiting Without Regrets' was really powerful. After many years of working to build my company, I want to get the maximum ROI. And I want to invest myself in helping other people start their businesses."
Maya R, 47

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