Meet The Team

Take a moment to meet our brilliant line-up of presenters as well as our support staff, the backbone of the Academy at Age Brilliantly.


Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD


While teaching in China, Dr. Cahn realized that the gift of longevity – the potential to enjoy a 100+ year life – was influencing people globally and that many weren’t prepared to seize the opportunities.

As a psychologist and attorney, he initiated Age Brilliantly to inspire adults across all age brackets to chase a rewarding 100-year life. This vibrant community circulates information, motivates, and offers resources, all tailored to uphold core values and reach life’s objectives.

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Ivy H Menchel

With over three decades of expertise in comprehensive wealth management planning, Ivy is passionate about instilling confidence and financial independence in clients undergoing pivotal life events. These events can range from business transfers and bereavements to divorces, marriages, or retirements.

Recognizing the unique nature of every individual and family’s financial situation, Ivy aids her clients in making informed decisions that promise lasting benefits.

Laurie Barkman

Business Transition & M&A Advisor

Laurie Barkman, the business transition sherpa, guides business owners in preparation for succession. As a Partner with Stony Hill Advisors, she offers valuation and M&A advisory services for sell-side transactions.

Laurie is the esteemed author of the “Business Transition Handbook: How to Avoid Succession Pitfalls and Create Valuable Exit Options” and is also the host of the Succession Stories Podcast. With an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a BS from Cornell, Laurie also holds a Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory.

Megan Wollerton

Owner of Life Force Wellness

Megan has a passion for teaching and coaching well-being. She has studied various topics, from creating exercise and diet plans to building mental resiliency. Her passion for helping others experiencing burnout led her to create Life Force Wellness, a corporate wellness consulting organization.

Megan has a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in psychology. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, health coach, nutrition coach, corporate wellness specialist, and positive psychology practitioner.

John Asher

CEO, Asher Longevity Institute

After spending 21 years in the Navy, John co-founded an engineering company that had a 42% yearly growth rate for 14 straight years. Along the way, he realized how business leaders are dealing with issues counterproductive to their health. This inspired John in 2018 to co-found the Asher Longevity Institute.

The Institute’s Chief Medical Officer is world-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Jeff Boone. The institute has developed a clear path towards an unlimited life with robust health, a strong mind and unhindered mobility.

SJ Khalsa

Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney, Khalsa Law Firm

For almost 50 years SJ Khalsa has piloted The Khalsa Law Firm to become one of the premier estate planning and elder law firms in New York City. He has been a pioneer in the fields of civil rights, human rights and the rights of special needs children. S.J. is a long-standing Member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys along with the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

To better serve clients and community, he authored Estate Planning Essentials: A Guidebook for Today’s Modern Families and just released The Ultimate Caregiver Guide: How to Provide the Best Possible Care for Loved Ones and Yourself. Revenues from the latter are donated to the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Vidal Peoples

RICP ® of Strategies for Wealth

I am a proud torch bearer of Strategies for Wealth’s tradition of excellence in engaging individuals, families and business owners towards living great financial lives and financial confidence.

I help my clients build and protect their wealth by debunking common financial myths which have caused the current retirement crisis. Through diligence and trust, I help my clients achieve financial balance, tax efficiency, diversification and control of their financial affairs with confidence, stability and restful nights.

Nick Peck

Director, Regional Sales & Operations

With over 22 years of experience in sales and marketing across diverse industries, Nick is a highly accomplished and results-oriented Business Leader. Married for 16 years to his wife Brandy, and blessed with two beautiful girls, Astoria and Aria, his commitment to family and personal growth is unwavering.

Throughout his career, he adeptly managed end-to-end sales cycles and nurtured robust business partnerships, consistently driving profitability. His entrepreneurial mindset has fueled his success as a top-performing professional, achieving remarkable revenue growth and influencing expansion.

Brett Pyle

President & CSO – Global Executive Group

Brett Pyle is an NSA Certified Speaking Professional, a TEDx speaker, and one of the highest rated speakers on the Vistage speaking circuit, the world’s largest CEO Peer Advisory Membership Organization. He’s been awarded TEC Canada’s Speaker of the Year Award and Vistage’s highest speaking honor: the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Brett delivered his “Extraordinary Why” & “Transformational Leadership” programs to over 25,000 people worldwide, in over 1,100 keynotes, workshops, and retreats.

Rosanna Roizin

Partner, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

Rosanna Roizin is a partner in the Firm’s Trusts & Estates Practice. Rosanna focuses her practice in the areas of elder care, special needs, and traditional trusts and estates planning.

Through a detailed and compassionate approach, Rosanna works to ensure that her clients are empowered in their needs by understanding their options on planning their families’ future. As a legal advisor, Rosanna serves families as they navigate difficult moments. Rosanna represents individuals and families on all aspects of estate planning.

Amy Salo

CFP ® , CAP ® , CExP ™

Amy Salo is passionate about the financial services industry, the people she serves, and the potential for her team of advisors and clients to ensure the next generation lives better than the last.

In addition to her role as a Managing Partner with Forest Hills Financial Group in NYC, Amy is a director on the Finseca board, chair of the advocacy committee, the standards of conduct committee, and past chair of the retirement and holistic planning working group. She also serves as a member of the Field Advisory Board Leadership Development and Training Committees with Guardian.


Anna Pan

Academy Coordinator

Abigail Wall

Academy Researcher

Judy Tan


Mark Cubi

Lead Researcher

Mario Arraya

Web Developer

Sara LaBarbera

Academy Researcher